Helping Creators succeed on Kickstarter

and learn how to succeed on Kickstarter

1-hour rate 90€

After succeeding twice on Kickstarter and raising over 500,000€ in funding, we decided to consolidate all the lessons we learned over the last few years into this complete super Kickstarter course.

After two years of studying how Kickstarter works, we have learned why some creators succeed on the platform and why 64% of them don’t even reach their funding goal. With this training you will learn how to be in the first group and become a successful creator.

We are still working on the training content, which will be ready for January 2019. If you want to be the first one to know about it and get your super early bird discount, sign up now . If you are launching a Kickstarter campaign soon or your campaign is live and you need some advice, book a 1-hour consultancy with us for just 90€..

and learn how to succeed on Kickstarter

1-hour rate 90€

Raised over 500,000€ with two campaigns on Kickstarter

Barner 2.0
Logo Barner 2.0

pledged of 18,000€ goal


Campaign launched on October 2018

Running for 45 days

Logo Barner

pledged of 18,000€ goal


Campaign launched on October 2017

Running for 35 days

Vast experience on Kickstarter

We’ve analyzed over 100 of the most successful campaigns, worked with the biggest agencies in the space and launched two campaigns raising more than 500,000€ with over 7,000 backers in the last year and gave some advice to other creators that had amazing success.

Kickstarter is an amazing platform to launch your idea on, but there are a lot of DOs and DON’TS you should know before getting starting with it. Just so you have an idea, our first campaign took us eight months to launch. For the second one, we went live in just three weeks.

This is what we want to share with you through this Kickstarter training. We will teach you how to go about creating an amazing project while saving lots of time and money.

By joining this Kickstarter course, in just few weeks you will be able to learn something that took us months and thousands of dollars in A/B testing

We want to help you bring your idea to life

Launch Project

Do you have a great idea you would like to launch but nearly no funds to execute it?

Finance your Project

Do you want to have full control of your project and without giving equity away?

how to start

Decided to try Kickstarter but don’t know how to start?

and learn how to succeed on Kickstarter

1-hour rate 90€

On this Kickstarter Course, you will learn:

How to create a full Kickstarter campaign from beginning to end

Understand all the costs involved on Kickstarter and prepare a great rewards strategy

How to drive a massive amount of traffic to your campaign using growth hacking tools

Set up your analytics platform to properly track your sources of traffic

The importance of digital marketing and how to measure the ROI of your campaigns

How to build a strong community and how you should communicate with them

The key things for a great post campaign, how to gather your Backers’ information by creating a great final survey

What shipping options and crowdfunding logistics centers available

The Ultimate Kickstarter Checklist
Download The Ultimate Kickstarter Checklist

By signing up you will get…

The Ultimate Kickstarter Checklist

A checklist with all the action items you need to know to launch a great campaign on Kickstarter for FREE!

who are we?

Edu Gaya

Edu Gaya

Edu has been working in the digital space for many years. He built his first startup seven  years ago and has also worked for companies like Samsung and Google for four years before starting his amazing entrepreneurship adventure.

Ramón Perez

Ramón Pérez

Ramon founded his first startup two years ago while he was working at Accenture as a management consultant. Now he is dedicated to Barner full-time with Edu

and learn how to suceed on Kickstarter

1-hour rate 90€

What people say about us

Some Kickstarter statistics

(since the platform was born)

36.5 %

154,000 campaigns

Campaigns that raised < $100K

Around 5,200 campaigns

Training that gives you the tools to succeed,
no matter your expertise

Whether you’re new to online advertising or a seasoned pro.

Whether you're new to online advertising or a seasoned pro.

This is just a sneak peak of what you will find inside…

Section 1 - Introduction

  • Benefits of crowdfunding
  • How Kickstarter works (reviewing the whole platform internally)
  • Sharing some Kickstarter stats
  • What is a Backer and why do they back a project

Section 2 - Research

  • Analyze some great Kickstarter campaigns and some that failed
  • What kind of products succeed on Kickstarter?
  • All the costs involved in doing a crowdfunding campaign
  • FREE tools to analyze other Kickstarter campaigns
  • What relevant information you can get from other successful campaigns
  • The best time of the year to launch your project

Section 3 - Content Creation

  • How to structure your content correctly  (Pain, Gain, Claim structure).
  • Creating a nice video script and what should be included there
  • Type of creatives needed
  • Rewards strategy
  • FREE Tools to create amazing content

Section 4 - Pre-campaign

  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Set up a Facebook account, FB page, FB Group
  • Set up email service providers to communicate with the community
  • Growth Hacking techniques for a proper launch
  • Newsletter content for the the campaign
  • How to set up utm URLs for proper tracking

Section 5 - Campaign

  • Email communication (Mailchimp leads, Mailrelay LinkedIn, social networks)
  • Understanding Kickstarter ranking algorithms
  • Digital marketing ads. How to analyze ROI
  • Drive traffic to your Kickstarter campaign
  • FAQs (Taxes & duties, when to choose the product, etc)
  • Cross collaborations with other campaigns (tools to use)
  • Backer updates & stretch goals
  • Referral program & press
  • Livestream (what it is and why you should do it?)
  • Communication with backers
  • How to analyze your sources of traffic

Section 6 - Post-campaign

  • Set up a fulfillment service, which one to choose?
  • Create the Backer survey from scratch
  • Prepare a great upsell strategy to get more revenue
  • Logistics centers
  • How to send tracking emails to all backers
  • Updates post campaign
  • Move to another crowdfunding platform
  • Unpaid pledges and how to deal with them
  • Get new Backers with your fulfillment platform
  • Next steps

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and learn how to succeed on Kickstarter

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